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TEXT NECK ~ Can texting flatten your neck and be causing your spinal pain?

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Do you spend a lot of time texting on your mobile phone or using your iPad/tablet? If you also suffer with neck or back pain these activities may be causing or contributing to your pain. This is because these activities may be changing your spinal alignment and straightening out the normal curvature in your neck, otherwise known as your cervical lordosis. The most ideal way to see these changes is via an x-ray. As you can see below the picture on the left displays a normal cervical lordosis or curve of the spine. However the picture on the right below shows the straightening that can occur from prolonged periods of flexion (or looking down to text or use an iPad or tablet). Therefore you may want to speak with your physiotherapist about obtaining an x-ray of your spine to check your spinal alignment.


Normal Cervical Curve      Flattened Cervical Curve

The best way to avoid this and the pain associated with these activities is to first and foremost change your posture!!! Bring the phone, iPad or tablet to a higher level or eye level if possible. This will avoid those prolonged positions of flexion of the neck and spine. Secondly move regularly to maintain the cervical curve. This is achieved by performing regular extension exercises that are ‘looking up to the ceiling’ and ‘making a double chin’. Other exercises that are useful for this condition are Pilates based exercises and can be done on the exercise ball. With all these exercises however it is important to discuss which exercises are most appropriate for you with your physiotherapist and have them check your technique. Hands-on physiotherapy will also assist in relieving pain, reducing muscle tension and restoring your spinal alignment.

Ensure you don’t get text neck and watch your posture, exercise, move regularly and speak to your physiotherapist about what are the best exercises for you!

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