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How to Reduce Your Biological Age and Feel 10 Years Younger!

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What is Biological Age?

Biological age refers to the actual age of your body and is often different to your chronological age. To estimate your biological age a series of information including stress levels, physical fitness, nutrition, sleeping pattern and relationships is used.  Scientists believe that less than 30% of our longevity is controlled by genetics, while the highest proportion (57%) is attributed to our lifestyles.

What Happens with Aging?
It has been shown that as we grow older, certain hormone levels decrease and others increase. The hormone that decreases are DHEA (boosts the immune system and brain function), oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone (sex hormone that also helps build muscle, bone and connective tissue, keeps us mentally alert and protects us from heart disease) and human growth hormone (stimulates bone, nerves, muscles, skin and organs to regenerate.  The hormones that increase as we age are insulin (increases blood glucose levels, predisposing us to diabetes) and cortisol (stress hormone, leads to weight gain, decreased immune function, increased inflammation and ongoing pain).  It is clear that aging is not related to just one thing. It is a cumulative effect of multiple processes occurring at the same time.

Nine Most Important Steps to Reducing Your Biological Age

  1. Limit Toxins
    This includes tobacco, pollution, pesticides and insecticides (from non-organic foods), chemical in cleaning products, radiation (over-exposure to the sun, x-rays, mobile phones, computers, TV, and other electrical equipment) and recreational drugs.
  2. Minimise Stress
    While some stress is necessary to keep up motivated, excessive stress places strain on our immune system, messes with our hormones, slows our metabolic rate and increases our fat storage. Techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, prayer, massage, tai chi, chi-ball method, Pilates classes and yoga are always a way of reducing stress. Call our receptionist to ask us about joining our Pilates classes at Semaphore and Evandale.
  3. Healthy Diet
    Limit refined carbohydrates to help control blood sugar and eat plenty of foods high in antioxidants such as fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, dark chocolate, green tea and decaffeinated coffee to control free radicals.  Omega-3 fats and fibres are also important and can be sourced from fatty fish, fish oils, pumpkin seeds, dark green vegetables, walnuts, grains, corn, oats, rice and legumes. It is also important to drink plenty of water to maintain hydration. Aim for 30ml per kilogram of body-weight per day (i.e if you weigh 70kg, drink around 2 litres).
  4. Manage you Pain
    It is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep active if you have joint or muscle pain. See your physiotherapist to help develop a program to ensure your pain does not get in the way of reducing your biological age.
  5. Get Regular Health Check-ups
    Many degenerative diseases can be managed or eradicated if they are identified early. If you are over 40, you should regularly see your GP for checks of your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol to name a few.
  6. Get plenty of Exercise
    Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce your biological age. It has been shown to improve mood, improve brain function, improve the body’s antioxidant defence mechanism, decrease pain and reduce depression. It has also been shown to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes and dementia.  Research indicates that intense interval exercise is more beneficial to the body that long-duration, lower intensity exercise. However to ensure you can achieve this without hurting yourself. You must build up slowly.
  7. Work on Your Strength
    Performing at leaser 2 strength training sessions per week helps to counteract the wasting of muscle tissue that occurs with age. It also helps improve body composition, increase metabolic rate and prevents hormone levels of DHEA, testosterone and human growth hormones failing too low.
  8. Get Enough Sleep
    There is no doubt about the damaging effects of sleep deprivation. To ensure you get a great night’s sleep and are well rested to try to get to bed and wake up at the same time each day, avoid caffeine after 4pm, wind down with relaxation in the half hour before bed, and make your bedroom a “haven” without a TV, and with the room dark and cool, this helps facilitate sleep. Ensure you get at least 7 hours of restful sleep per night.
    There is much evidence to suggest that a positive mindset can have a beneficial effect on your longevity. The ‘placebo effect’ is a strong indicator of the success of ‘mind over matter’.

Speak to our of our physiotherapists today about improving your wellness, fitness and preventing pain and deteriorating of your health.  We beleive prevention is better than cure!  Call us today on 8363 2929 and change your life.

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