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Get to the Core – Understand it and Use it!

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Get to your core by understanding it and then using it!
Yes it’s time to ditch the layers, connect with your core and get your body,
health and fitness back on track!

The core muscles comprising of our Transverse Abdominus, Multifidus, Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor muscles form an important part of the support to the spine and pelvis.  They act like a corset to hold the spine and pelvic stable.  They also assist with efficient movement and ideal posture.  All of which prevent a multitude of problems in the body including pain, stiffness, inflammation, joint degeneration, prolapse, hernia’s and poor health and fitness.

With most people these core muscles are weak or hypotonic and strengthening the core muscles is beneficial and never too late to start.  Participating in regular activities such as Pilates, Gym Rehabilitation, and Hydrotherapy will assist this process but first learning how to correctly activate your core muscles with a qualified physiotherapist is essential.  Precision, consistency and perseverance is then key.

Sometimes pain and dysfunction can also occur because these core muscles are hypertonic or overactive and become weak and dysfunctional.  Both situations need to be assessed by a physiotherapist and a treatment plan needs to be formulated to target problem areas.

With winter behind us and the first hint of the warm weather upon us, many of us feel the urge to spring clean our bodies as well as our homes.  Yes it’s time to ditch the layers, connect with your core and get your body, health and fitness back on track!

How can our physiotherapists help?
Our physiotherapists can assess where you’re at and recommend individualised exercises that are designed specifically for you to achieve your desired goals.  Our physios look at types of exercises/activities, specific workloads, durations of activities and intensity guidelines and can devise a plan to help you strengthen your core, achieve your target fitness level and get your body ready for activity this summer!  Set aside time to give your body a check up and tune up ready for summer.

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